Celestial was a self initiated project that actually happened by pure coincidence. I was just messing around with textures and images and something happened that made the image look like a cracked planet. It sort of immediately inspired me to continue the image in this direction, and then to create a series of images that document the death and rebirth of a planet. It ended up being a (to me) very melancholic piece that tells the story of a process so obscenely long and slow that no living creature could be a witness to it, reaching into the past and future at the same time. The four images show the planet in this state of regeneration, much like the metamorphosis of an insect, or the growth of a plant. Overlaid is the phrase, "I once was a planet, now but rows of atoms ; one million half lives past, creating once again a planet.". I wanted to go for a slightly retro futurist look with this, slightly minimalistic in its composition, but still rich in its usage of texture and color.

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