Ride or die

I was asked to create the visual identity for the 2019 edition of Dudelange on Wheels, a 3 day event with skateboard-, BMX-, and inline skate-contests, among others. The event takes place in the city of Dudelange, whose iconic water tower was to feature prominently on the design, but in a fun way. I figured turning the tower into a robot, arms coming out of the sides and all would be an interesting take. And then to add flames and chaos and parts of the various sub-events (a skate board, handlebars, wheels, nuts, etc…) just because.

The design was then applied to various promotional supports, stickers, posters etc. And slightly re-adapted for t-shirts and wristbands, so as to have a more restricted color palette. I didn’t want to stick to one typeface for the project, so I used about 5 differents fonts for the project that I switched around depending on the support.




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