You spin me right round

When Mason Bower approached me to do the Mural for their new offices, I immediately wanted to do something very graphic and with a strong sense of movement.
After some brainstorming with James (Monnat), the idea came to make the piece about the people working there, more specifically about their origins.

With the company logo in center stage, I then had the idea to create a piece that inspires a whirlpool, with all the different nationalities spiralling around it.

The different elements were then added over several weeks. It would have been easy to get information on all the different countries online, but I felt it would be more authentic to actually have the Mason Bower employees tell me, via a questionnaire, what they liked about their country, what was something they thought was very specific to their country or hometown, if there were any interesting legends, etc… The results were very varied and provided me with a lot of information to work with! I did have to cherry pick the ones that were more visually adaptable as the mural is meant to be added to if new people from other countries join the team in the future.

It was a lovely project to work on, and very interesting to talk to everyone during the realisation of the mural, see how they reacted to elements from their country starting to appear on the wall, and just get to know the people working there and discussing why and how they picked their reply to the questionnaire. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it will evolve.


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