Mol ons een…


Jungle edition

Mol ons een is a yearly event organised by the Rotondes, a kind of art prize/family brunch. Every year, a new theme is given, and families come in for the day, enjoy some food, play some games and most importantly, draw an image with the given theme. At the end of the day, a jury walks around and decides what “best” the drawing represents. (It’s all bit silly and in good fun)

I’ve been taking part since the very first edition in 2014, working my black and white magic on the walls, so the little ones can color it in during the day. (They rarely do though.)

Below you’ll find the projects until 2015, as I sadly seem to have lost the pictures of the very first edition (theme: badgers) when my backup hard-drive crashed.


2019 – Jungle

I had a ton of fun doing this jungle theme for the 2019 edition. It’s also probably the one that’s documented the best (i.e. more than one image).

2018 – Submarine

2018’s theme was “Submarine”. I have a weird passion for drawing tentacles, so I figured drawing a huge kraken getting freaky with a sub would be a good idea. It was.


2017 – Dinosaurs

And in 2017 I got to draw dinosaurs partying like it was 65.000.000 B.C.

2016 – Robots

The 2016 edition featured a mob of robots heading into the exhibition space. This was the first edition in the new Rotondes venue, so I did change my concept a little bit. Also the first year where I added little pop-culture references into the illustration.

2015 – Foxes

The second edition’s theme was foxes. I always liked how foxed were often portrayed as mystical creatures in folklore, so I wanted to illustrate this aspect.


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