S H I 

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it

Shi is a more of a character design project than an illustration. I’ve always been a fan of Cyberpunk and retrofuturistic japanese style, and I’ve developed a passion for all things occult, mystic, and related to death. Shi is a character that blends those styles together. A sort of modern grim reaper who’s swapped his scythe for a sword, wears neon colored varsity jackets and eats ramen. I wanted him to be like a debt collector of souls, and so he’s often surrounded by spirits that fly around him.

The initial image (presented here) was just a first one to set the mood. I’m currently still fleshing out the character, illustrating him in various scenes. The illustration was printed as a 3 color screenprint. I’ve also had his head made into a pin.


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